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1.Turkey rallied back for a second time only ten minutes after Germany scored the second goal as Neuhaus lost the ball to Karaca, who made no mistake to overcome Germany custodian Bernd Leno following a one-on-one.。
2.Muto told a news conference that Bach, whose scheduled visit in May was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will also talk to Tokyo 2020 president Yoshiro Mori.。
3.Game six will be played on Sunday. Enditem。
4."If I gave up at first, I would not have got the chance at a later stage," she pointed out.。
5.Germany is in danger of being relegated to Nations League Group B this season after two draws against Spain and Switzerland.。
6.He also hopes that Tokyo will host the world championships again soon after the Olympic Games.。


1.Behind the top three, Racing Point's Sergio Perez finished a solid fourth, followed by the McLaren of Carlos Sainz, Pierre Gasly's AlphaTauri and Charles Leclerc in his Ferrari.。
2.Added to this the fact that the race was run in much colder conditions than usual, and that both of Friday's practise sessions had been washed out, there was an air of uncertainty for teams and drivers as they began the race.。
3.The home side broke the deadlock in the 18th minutes as Bryan Cristante steered his header into the net off Jack Bonaventura's corner.。
4."As a young team, we haven't played many tough games like this one, so we really cherish this win," Sun noted.。
5."It was a tough match. We didn't play at our level in the first quarter, but changed our tactics into zone defense from the second quarter," Shanxi coach Li Ge commented.。
6.The Swiss kept trying to play the ball out from the back, but Spain didn't allow them any time on the ball and Sommer redeemed himself with a good save to parry Ferran Torres' header after a flowing move ended with Jesus Navas putting a good cross into the Swiss area.。


1.Wang scored 11 straight points as Fujian ended a defense-driven first quarter 19-16 ahead of Wuhan, whose substitute Deng stepped up to nail seven points in a row.。
2."When I started my career I didn't imagine or dream of being part of a fourth qualifying tournament. For me it's a source of pride. I'm enjoying it to the fullest, in the knowledge that my career is drawing closer to an end."。
3.Guo Zixuan scored 10 points in the first quarter as Hebei led at 27-21, while Zhejiang, tagged by its three-pointer shooting, was held to 0 of 4 from 3-point range down the stretch.。
4.Fujian coach Gong Songlin emphasized the role defense played in his side's victory.。
5.Wang pocketed a game-high 20 points for Fujian, who also got help from Wei's 19 and Sun Mengzhu's 13.。
6."What you are doing in this court is unbelievable. Not just this court - throughout your entire career, you've been a great champion," Djokovic told Nadal during the trophy presentation on the Court Philippe Chatrier. "Today you showed why you are King of the Clay."。


1、"We have to always improve," Casemiro told reporters. "Douglas came in and did well but we'll get better as we adapt with every game," the 28-year-old added.。
2、Mick called it the most giant step in his career so far.。
3、PORTO ALEGRE, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- Thiago Galhardo continued his rich vein of form with two first-half goals as Internacional won 2-0 at Bragantino in Brazil's Serie A championship on Thursday.。
4、"As a young team, we haven't played many tough games like this, so we cherish it a lot," Sun noted.。
5、"We played very well [against Bolivia] and created a lot of chances to score, which is what is expected of the national team," the Liverpool player said.。


COLOGNE, Germany, Oct. 7 (Xinhua) -- Turkey bounced back three times and played out a 3-3 draw with Germany in an international friendly in Cologne on Wednesday.!


  • 身体 10-22

    Despite a big win, Sichuan coach Pan Wei said her team didn't play to what had been anticipated before the match.

  • 称呼 10-21

    "Defense is quite vital in such an intense game," he noted.

  • 九品 10-20

    To support the delivery of the season, athletes have agreed to a uniform pay reduction of 15 percent with the exception of those already on minimum payments.

  • 节以 10-19

    "We have shown that we can do our best in the face of the worst conditions," he said. "We have confidence of beating South Korea." Enditem

  • 情况 10-18

    "Starting a qualifying tournament with a win gives us motivation and desire to work even harder to make sure that we continue on this path," he added.

  • 完全 10-17

    "We are not a strong side. After playing such an intense game, we can improve in mentality and carrying out tactics," Wuhan coach Li Xin commented. Enditem

  • 前人 10-16

    Mori said last month that Bach expected to visit Japan in late October.

  • 都集 10-15

    So after claiming the WCBA title in Shanxi in 2015, Ji kneeled and cried.

  • 峰猛 10-14

    Football is one of the biggest sports in Malawi. For the past few months, fans and other stakeholders have been calling for the government to resume all sporting activities. Meanwhile, there is a steady decline of COVID-19 cases in many areas in Malawi. Enditem

  • 中同 10-13

    "Sometimes I feel that according to my physical condition, I can still play two or three seasons, but I don't have enough energy for it since taking up the coach position," she admitted.

  • 道白 10-12

    Xu, Liang and Zhang Manman got Jiangsu off to a quick start and combined for 21 first-quarter points, but Xinjiang withstood the trio's attack to tie the scores at 21-21 thanks to Wang Lili's 10 points.

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